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Maintaining your Aston Martin

Controlling your costs

You shouldn't have to pay an unnecessary premium for keeping your Aston Martin in good condition.

Aston Martin parts are often shared with other cars and so are available at substantial reductions.

Check out the Alternative parts for details.

Check out the recommended suppliers list.

For insurance, servicing and repairs check out prices others have paid.

The Vanquish clutch shown in the image has a list price of about £4,000.   It then has to be fitted and calibrated. 

Help is on the way. intends to create technical working groups and set up cloud funding for the production of refurbished or replacement parts to keep them available... and at reasonable prices!

Explaining those costs

Some useful  advice on explaining spending money on your Aston to your boss, partner, parents, children and other interested parties:

  1. It is an asset because it will appreciate in value.  
  2. I have to look after our 'investment', so regular servicing and good preventative maintenance will save money in the long term. 
  3. Exercising the car is good for it... and you!
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