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3D printed parts

This is a 3D rendering of our logo. You can interact with this part by using your mouse or touch to rotate and zoom. 

There is a lot of talk about how 3D printing will transform the production of parts for older cars. It is not as easy as they make out. Articles about 3D printing often show a  simple part that has been 3D rendered by a scanner or a complex part that has come from a library. 

Not all parts that you design can be printed without having to resort to very expensive metal sintering 3D printing technology. Parts will always need to be designed so that they can be printed. This is not always obvious or straightforward. 

It is however great fun, and the parts can be very useful.

3D printing materials

The main criteria are temperature and heat resistance. The easiest and cheapest material is PLA. This is unsuitable for outdoor and vehicle use. It will begin to soften at 65 and is aged by UV light. 

The best material is Polycarbonate or Carbon-filled Nylon. These are more expensive and require a very good 3D Printer with a hot end of about 290 and a hot bed of 100℃.

3D parts

Select to view in the 3D viewer above

DB7 door handle repair part  DB7 Door handle repair.stl

DB7 window cowl repair part   Download 3D file: DB7 Wiper repair.stl

DB9 fender clip  Download 3D file: DB9 Fender clip.stl

DB9/Rapide/V8 headlight lug repair  Download 3D file: Headlight_repair.stl

DB7 Wiper end repair  Download 3D file: DB7 Wiper repair.stl

Aston Owners keyfob  Download 3D file: AstonOwners keyfob.stl

Aston Martin badge  Download 3D file: AM badge.stl

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