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Weather warnings service

This free service will send you emails to  warn you of upcoming weather-related risks in your area that could effect your car when stored,  parked or mobile. These notifications will ensure that you spring into action 😁 and run 😁 😁  to turn on your de-humidifier,  put the car in the garage or ensure the cover is properly secured.

You can read more on the risks we warn you of here

The forecast provider charges a small fee each time our server downloads a localised 14 day weather forecast. This cost means that we are only able to provide this service to the paying subscribers who support

Please wait: Downloading weather data
for your home location
These forecasts use the Visual crossings weather service API.
Detailed weather warnings for parking and storage.
Detailed weather warnings for driving

Storing you car

Keeping your car in a garage or outside has risks. These risks are summarised below and explained in more detail here:

Warm front: Warmer air holds more moisture and this will condense on a cold car.  This is worst if a warm front follows a sustained period of low temperatures. 

Frost or freezing: Sustained low temperatures can damaged your car in an unheated garage, and some simple precautions can be taken.

Hail: Normally not a problem if the car is garaged. It is useful to be reminded to put the car under shelter if hail is expected.

UV damage:  Leather and even some paints react very badly to high UV levels. The more exclusive and rarer leather colours usually fade the most (ask any Aston Martin owner with an aniline leather interior). Very simple to prevent.

High winds: Things get blown around,  trees fall down, etc... 

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