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Vehicle inspections strongly recommend that you have a vehicle inspected before you buy. This is especially important for your first Aston Martin or an Aston Martin model new to you. Very few people have the in-depth knowledge required.  

Most cars that are traded-in have an inspection done by the dealership before it's put up for sale. Ask to see that inspection report. Get a copy to give to an expert to look at. You can then be sure that anything picked up in that report has been dealt with. The report will also be dated so you can see how long the car has 'hung around' the dealership since being traded-in. A car that is the wrong colour or specification will be difficult for the dealer to shift. Knowing this will enable you to discuss a discount.  

If they don't do inspections on traded-in cars, then you must ask why? 

Aston Martin provide a general dealer checklist for inspecting a car. With many models there are specific issues that should be addressed. However, this inspection does not address this problem. This is a checklist for a warranty, and many problems with a second hand car will not be covered, especially corrosion, clutch wear, etc. In fact this inspection can be done without removing the undertrays, and these must be removed for a proper inspection. 


Aston Martin also offer a 140-point inspection for a used car. The value of such an inspection should be judged by the content of information provided.

Timeless check list. pdf

Vehicle inspectors

Listed below are subscribers who are willing to undertake vehicle inspections. does not have any input or access to reports produced by these experts. There can be no warranty given or implied in any inspections carried out. Please follow up on the references, if you have any doubts. 

Getting listed on this site as a vehicle inspector:

  1. Admin will need to upgrade your account to being a 'Vehicle Inspector'.  Once this is done, some extra information can be added to your profile.
  2. In your profile, there is a general field for information. This should include where you are willing to inspect and a very short CV.  
  3. In your profile, you can add up to three references. With their permission you could also list their email address.
  4. In your profile, you will need to change the privacy settings on your email and phone number to 'anybody' if you want them to be shown to all site visitors
  5. In your profile, select the models that you will be willing and are qualified to inspect.
  6. If you want the general public to be able to message you using our system messaging functionality,  you will need to change the setting of the 'Send message form' to 'Anybody' in your privacy settings. You can then choose to not  list your email and phone number to the general public.
Once this is all set up, you should log out and then check that your details are listed to the general public in the way you want.   

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