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Driving weather

28 Nov 2023 8:57 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Winter is coming, and with those long trips to visit relatives for Christmas it is essential to check the weather en-route. provide this service free to our subscribers using our Driving Weather page

There are Apps out there that allow you to do this, and at first glance some of those even appear to be free, but you usually need a subscription for them to work properly, and you only find this out after spending time learning how to use it. ( The dreaded In App Purchase trap! ) 

Subscribers are able to plan a route using Google Maps to which add the forecast along the route.  You end up with a map like the one below.  Useful features provided are:

  • Set a departure time and get timed forecasts along the whole route.
  • View a detailed listing of all the forecasts along the route.  (This includes weather warnings and snow depth)    
  • A 7-day forecast is  available for both the start and end locations.  
  • Quickly choose the start and end locations from Google's extensive 'Places' database and/or our Aston-friendly places database  
  • Once you have your route you can send the directions to your phone's  Google maps App and get the verbal instructions from the nice Google lady....

For a long trip that covers changes in altitude and geography, this is an invaluable service provided free by   

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